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All New Rotary Family

File 101

The all electric rotary actuator (RAX) can be used with several types of valves to create a common platform for fuel metering, bleed air control, and for almost any high precision actuated control requirement. It is a technologically advanced rotary product designed with unique features and high performance capabilities.

The rotary actuator is self contained, with an on board controller, providing high performance intelligent technologies that produce efficient, repeatable control that enables today’s complex engine systems. The self contained design allows for easy installation as it does not require separation from the motor controller.

The all-electric actuators internal health-monitoring software provides fault and over-temperature information along with real-time motor current, voltage, temperature, and position tracking information that can be monitored using the standard, isolated RS485 interface or the optional Ethernet interface. The on-board electronics contain a built–in analysis data software, allowing for a user friendly problem solving mechanism.

The RAX actuation mechanism utilizes robust, compact planetary gearing to offer multiple output levels in a common package with provided mounting provisions. The RAX is highly reliable with extreme accuracy and less “moving” parts providing lower maintenance and down time costs. Advanced modeling techniques and state-of-the-art CAE tools are employed to achieve the RAX’s robust design and performance objectives.

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