Bleed Air Vavle

File 123

To function efficiently at reduced power, Dry Low Emission (DLE) turbines require modulating bleed air valves. These valves must be fast enough to keep pace with DLE turbine demands for accurate combustion air control.

PECC's AVB3.0 all-electric bleed air valve controls high temperature air up to 850°F, and also helps maintain a precise fuel/air ratio within the turbine, enabling it to achieve smoother performance. The valve incorporates a fail-safe spring and is designed to fail open or fail closed, depending upon desired action. The AVB3.0 is fast; adjusting from fully open to fully closed in less than 500 milliseconds.

The AVB3.0 actuation mechanism has a unique torque tube design eliminating actuator side loads and offering several configurations for installation flexibility. Mounting provisions are provided. Reliability is a top priority for this product. Advanced Mat-Lab models and state-of-the-art CAE tools were utilized, along with field-proven valves, to achieve the AVB3.0's robust design and performance objectives.

In addition, the all-electric actuator's internal health-monitoring software provides fault and over-temperature information. Real-time motor current, voltage, temperature and tracking can be monitored using a RS232C or optional, isolated RS485 interface.