Liquid Valve (VL)

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Efficient fuel metering is absolutely essential for optimizing industrial turbine engine performance.

The U.S. Navy–for example–demands the most robust and reliable liquid fuel metering valves available, which is why they have selected Precision’s VL series of liquid fuel metering.

Precision liquid fuel metering valves have been created with only one moving part. Unlike other valves, the VL series contain no hydraulic, pneumatic or bulky mechanical parts requiring frequent maintenance, adjustment or replacement–and no dynamic seals or bearings to cause frictional wear. Zero hysteresis, zero droop and infinite positioning resolution make Precision liquid valves simple, durable, reliable and virtually unmatched in terms of performance and value.

The heart of every PECC liquid valve–including our newest LNG valve with its unique throttling-type regulator–is its proportional linear actuator. This all-electric actuator and its circuitry are integrated within the valve housing, making it compact in size and more efficient in function. Precision valves are controlled via integrated electronics enabling built-in closed-loop control of valve position versus demand.

PECC liquid valves operate on 24 VDC power and require less than 30 watts under full load. Their low power consumption provides exceptional black-start capabilities. Valve interfacing is simple, regardless of the specific application required.

The VL series of liquid valves accommodate industrial gas turbine engines up to 20,000hp. PECC configures each one for a specific engine type and application. The result is the highest flow accuracy and resolution possible. With a unique, on-board, by-passing delta-p regulator, PECC VL valves are suitable for use with various fuels including Jet A, DF #2 and LNG. These valves have also been tested for use in harsh environments including salt-spray, vibration and EMI.